Innovation in Neurorevalidation

About Mindtherapy

MINDtherapy develops, produces and delivers products for people with an acquired brain injury. The goal of the products is to enhance independence, self-reliance and self-determination. MINDtherapy was founded by physical therapist Henry Honné and product developer Henry Rodenburgh. At the moment, a first product is being developed: the Daily-One.

The daily-one

Current rehabilitation tools for people with an acquired brain injury insufficiently allow for extensive practice at home in their own living environment, after professional treatment. This is unfortunate, given that studies show that this is actually beneficial to the patient’s recovery. The Daily-One, developed by MINDtherapy, fits this demand and does make practice at home possible.

The Daily-One are Augmented Reality Glasses that guide patients with an acquired brain injury in doing exercises in their personal environment in and around their home to enhance therapy. The excersises on the glasses are easily adjusted to fit the patient’s personal situation. This can be done together with the therapist through a supplied program. This way, the patient can do personalized excersises more easily and more frequently in his own living environment.

who is the daily-one for?

The Daily-One is suitable for people with an acquired brain injury. Acquired brain injury often has profound consequences for a person’s functioning.

Symptoms can be found in neurological, psychological and neuropsychological areas, which are often not directly visible to the environment in which we function. Because of these symptoms, the person’s independence, self-reliance and self-determination are often affected.

This is where the Daily-One can make a difference. Training in these areas is possible, since the guidance by the Daily-One is specifically designed for this.

Problems with concentrating? Too little attention and arousal? Loss of initiative? Problems with attention to one side of the body? Suffering from decreased balance? Trouble with carrying out daily tasks in the correct order? The Daily-One helps!

Together with your physical therapist the aspects that you struggle with most can be added to the glasses.

The Daily-One helps to train often, intensively and in a targeted manner in the person’s own (home) environment. And this can even be done without a therapist present.

what does the daily-one do?

glasses for patients


At the moment, the Daily-One offers three different applications: neglecttraining, posture training while walking, standing and sitting down, and training through guidance in case of executive problems in daily life activities.

Every exercise can be adapted by the therapist with the help of easy-to-use software. In this way the therapist, together with the patient, can easily add personalized exercises into the glasses.

scientific background

The first scientific researches, executed in practice with patients with a hemi-inattention, confirm that the Daily-One is effective.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a method in which information is added to reality in a digital manner. Applications of AR in the field of neurorehabilitation are scarcely available. However, it appears that there are a lot of possibilities. The use of AR-glasses can be an option for treatment of patients with decreased attention for a specific side of a room, who cannot execute the steps of an activity in a correct manner, or who are obstructed in finding their way. Instructions during activities that are normally given by a therapist, can be given via AR-glasses.

Depending on the disorder of a patient (e.g. attention disorders, spatial disorders, recognition disorders, functional disorders and executive disorders) a contextually-adapted training program can be set up by a therapist, in the AR-glasses.

This way, training at home with some monitoring, can be done more intensively, longer and at lower costs, especially on activity level (ICF). The goal is to reach a greater degree of independency, self-reliance and self-determination.

“The glasses give me peace of mind” 
“I have seen the light, I now know what to do”
“It just makes you happy”

The team

Henry Honné

Gezondheidscentrum Honné

Henry Honné is a physical therapist with a Master in Neurorehabilitation and Innovation. He works with special attention for people with neurological disorders in his successful practice. Unique in his therapy is that he does not exclusively pay attention to visible injury, but tries to treat the cause of it – the injury in the head. With the founding of MINDtherapy he wants to make this therapy approach available for patients outside of his practice.

Henry Rodenburgh

R2Pro, Product development

Henry Rodenburgh, founder and owner of R2Pro | Product Development, is an expert in the field of product development. Together with his team at R2Pro he develops products with great attention to usability, producability and quality. In this way he makes sure that products end up where they belong: with the user. With his expertise, combined with Henry Honné’s hands-on experience, the first MINDtherapy product has been created: the Daily-One.


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